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Pali Business is a company that was established in Haifa city and has helped hundreds of customers develop their businesses and achieve their goals. Our company specializes in brand design and digital marketing. Through our services, we help you build your own brand and build a solid presence on the social media pages to take your project to another level.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Our experience in marketing has been gained through Real-world experiences, where we study your business in-depth and discover what ignites the desire of your target audience, knowing that people’s orientation has recently changed and is difficult to satisfy due to the huge amount of advertisements, our team works through studies and experiences A process that speech the minds of customers and make them curious among thousands of advertisements.

Brand Design

Branding is the oxygen of any successful business, through which you raise the level of your business from good to great. We get to know your business and its goals, then choose the appropriate colors, then analyze the orientation of your target audience, and design a professional logo and commercial identity for you, through which we tell your story in a creative way that enables you to stand out in the market and dazzle your audience in a modern and innovative way.

Our Blog

Enjoy reading our monthly articles to improve your business.

Our Packages


  • One Account
  • 5 Posts Per Mounth
  • One Size Creative
  • Photo + Text
  • 10 Points Per Mounth
  • Interactive Advertising
  • None
  • None
  • None


6 Months Marketing Plan
  • 2 Account
  • 15 Posts Per Mounth
  • One Size Creative
  • Photo + Text
  • 50 Points Per Mounth
  • Interactive Advertising
  • 1 Compain Per Mounth
  • None
  • None


Full Year Marketing Plan
  • 3 Account
  • 30 Posts Per Mounth
  • 2 Size Creative
  • Photo + Text
  • 100 Points Per Mounth
  • Interactive Advertising
  • 2 Compains Per Mounth
  • 1 Video
  • 1 Hour Consultation

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